Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Items

Some people collect dolls, some collect shot glasses, others they might have shoes or board games….I have come to realize that I collect kitchen items! My birthday/Christmas list almost always consists of kitchen items and maybe one or two other random things. Haha for that reason I am so lucky to be married to a food scientist because he mostly agrees with these lists and dreams of mine! We actually have a bucket list of items “when we have a real job and a house”….we want a shake (ice cream) machine, deep fryer (Mr. W really wants this) and a Bosch.

But until then I have a few items that I couldn’t live without. This past summer we had a job down in New Mexico that only required us to take clothes/Will’s toys…but I had to take a box of my most prized possessions! Haha these kitchen items I cook with everyday and the quality is outstanding!

Top 10

  1. KitchenAid

Without a doubt this is my number one. Whether I’m mixing up cookies, bread, play-dough, granola, shredding meat….I use this every. single. day!!! Some day when we have a bigger family and income I’ll get a Bosch machine but that’s the future dream. As for now in the present, this baby gets my number one. Especially when using the paddle with the rubber edge… just doesn’t get any better!!

2. Instant Pot

Truth be told…I got an Instant Pot and didn’t even take it out of the box for the first 5 months! Oops! I guess I was just intimidated and didn’t know all the cool things it could do. Mainly it just makes life easy, fast and worry-free! That’s exactly what this momma needs in her life!! (See other blog post for more info/recipes on this)

3. Collapsible measuring cups

Not only do these measuring cup collapse but the measurement is embedded IN THE PLASTIC!!! Seriously it’s the worst ever when a drawer gets stuck because the handle of a measuring cup is sticking up in the wrong direction! Or when you go to get 1/3 cup and can’t tell which one it is because all the stamps have worn off! And if the previous two reasons haven’t sold you on these bad boys, they are color coded….BOOM! I’ve had them for 4 years and they haven’t even shown signs of wear yet!

4. & 5. Cookie scoop and Stainless Steel scraper/chopper

After working at Great Harvest and scooping dough for 5+ hrs a day you know the value of a great cookie scoop! Low quality is not an option here. If it’s under $10 bucks…it probably will break down and get off track the first time you use it. So make the plunge and get yourself a real one! You will thank me later. And if you haven’t used a scraper yet…it can be used for all sorts of things. I use my to divide up my bread dough, scrap the table after making something messy or to chop up ingredients.

6. Kitchen scale

I never realized how much I over estimated ingredients until I got my scale! It makes a huge difference in recipes when you actually can measure out 1 lb or 5 oz. Recipes have to have the right balance in order to the the proper end results. When you just estimate the chance of you over estimate is greater and the more ingredients you use. So that means more money you will spend on something that won’t taste as good because it’s not the right portions!

7. Digital thermometer

I don’t know who was more excited about this one, Mr. W or me?! Let me just say that it is so nice to be able to just stick a tiny needle in the meat and know for a fact that the meat is cooked through! No more guessing if it’s done or not! I love the digital because it is super fast!

8. Marble rolling pin

I think this one is just because how I was raised. My mom had one when I was growing up and so that is what I am use to. Be careful when storing it because they are super heavy. I may or may not have dropped it on my little brothers toes once…sorry bud! Haha I also have a wooden one but love to use my marble one for bread, cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies.

9. Butter bell

I love using real butter but get completely grossed out when I see it sitting out on the counter on just a plate. All I can think about is how many bugs and germs have touched it haha! So this is the perfect solution…soft butter surrounded by water! No bugs or germs!

10. A few extras

When we were registering for our wedding one of the only things Mr. W really wanted was a lemon squeezer! So we registered for all three kinds! Haha I love my pure silicon spatula because it just feels cool and is nice to use when you have to stir something for a long time. And it make for a great chew toy for teething babies! And then everyone needs a brownie/cookie spatula! And how could I almost forget my herb cutter!! Life made easier 101 by cutting cilantro, parsley, basil, green onion….I love love love my herb cutter!

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