Homemade Ice Cream

I love planning parties in the summer because you can make so many fun foods. One of those being homemade ice cream. I think it tastes better than store bought but that’s probably because you have invested time into it! We recently got an ice cream maker and made a batch the first day! This is my basic recipe that I’ve always use growing up and will add different add-ins for each batch.

Basic recipe

For example: this one below, I added some raspberry jam to once it was frozen. It added the perfect raspberry swirl to it!

Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream


• 1 can sweetened condensed milk

• 1 1/2 pints whipping cream or heavy cream

• 1 quart half and half

• 1 1/2 cups sugar

• 3 teaspoons vanilla (or I love to add coconut flavoring. I’ll normally do 2 teaspoons coconut, 1 teaspoons vanilla)

• Whole Milk

Any additional add-ins


1. All ingredients in your ice cream maker the EXCEPT MILK. Mix well with a spoon so the sweetened condensed milk and sugar don’t settle at the bottom. It might take awhile. But be patient. It is worth your time.

2. Add milk to “fill line” on container. Mix again until all combined. (Mine just said don’t fill the metal container more than 2/3 full. It didn’t have a line)

3. Begin your ice cream maker and follow directions by manufacturer.

4. You can also add at the end: crushed peppermints, broken butterfingers, blueberries, peanut butter cups, or any candy of your choice.

5. I normally freeze this after making it to help set up the ice cream more. You can serve it fresh, just remember that fresh ice cream is normally more of a soft serve ice cream.

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