Mary’s Frozen Peaches

Growing up we would travel to Colorado to see my Dad’s side of the family. We would always pass through Utah on the way and stop to see Aunt Mary and other relatives. She was my Grandpa’s sister but seemed more like my grandma. You see, I only remember meeting my grandpa “Papa Lew” once right before he died. So whenever we were visiting Aunt Mary, she would always spoil us with biscuits and gravy with frozen peaches as a side for breakfast! (The biscuit and gravy recipe is under the breakfast section).

Now these frozen peaches are a family favorite and always included in special breakfasts. They are stored in the freezer and thawed just enough to break into pieces. Then it continues to thaw in your individual bowl. The best part is eating it with the ice crystals!! The sweetness from the peaches, oranges and pineapple is heavenly! Always serve it in a bowl, so that you can scoop up the juice and enjoy it too!


  • 10-12 cups sliced peaches (fresh, not canned)
  • 3 cans (15oz) mandarin oranges
  • 2 large cans crushed or tidbits of pineapple (I normally do one of each)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2-4 cups orange juice
  • 2 tsp. Fruit Fresh
  • Optional- berries


  1. Mix together everything except the fresh peaches in a very, very large bowl. When adding the canned ingredients, add the juice from the cans as well.
  2. To skin the peaches, boil a pot of water on the stove. Drop the peaches in the water 4-6 at a time. Let them be in the water for 20-30 seconds and then with a slotted spoon lift them out of the boiling water and immediately into ice water. The skins should slip right off! No peeling necessary.
  3. Once the peaches are skinned, dice them up and place into the large bowl. (You don’t want the skinned peaches to sit for too long in the water or counter before they get into the large bowl, or else it will start to turn brown.)
  4. Scoop 2-3 cups into a freezer safe plastic bag. I usually use quart size bags. Just make sure to leave room for expansion when it freezes.
  5. Lay flat on a cookie sheet and place in freezer.
  6. To eat: get out of freezer and place the bag in a bowl of water on the counter. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and check if it can be broken up inside the bag. You WANT ice crystals!! So thaw it out just until it starts to break up and isn’t a solid brick of ice.
  7. Scoop into individual bowls with some liquid in the bag and enjoy!!
This is the stage of thawed peaches you want when you serve it to others!! The ice crystals on the fruit are the best!!

Here are some pictures to go through the process

You can find this in the canning section of most grocery stores.
Very very large bowl!! Everything is opened and emptied into it so that all you have to do is add the peaches.
Last year I did the whole batch of peaches and left them sitting in the water without the skins because the colors were just so pretty! Well that made them all mushy and yucky! So make sure to do small batches and then get the diced peaches into the fruit fresh mixture.
(I also was about 8.5 months pregnant last year and almost put myself into labor haha)
I have a bag holder and LOVE IT when I’m doing food storage or cleaning up dinner and need another hand to hold up the bag!
Sometimes we like to add blackberries (or raspberries I’m sure would be delicious)
The wonderful lady behind it all!

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